About the Site

In 2016, after three years away from another life, I chose to return to my love of photography, poetry, prose, and philosophy.  What you see here is where I post my thoughts, pictures, sights, and words that express what I consider as the inner beauty of the human essence.

In the past three years, I started being very naive about the political nature of the world, but as I became more involved in politics and public policy and in working with many interest groups, I realized that although I still believed firmly in doing good, there was much evil and corruption in the world — even among those whom you thought otherwise.

I came away from all of these three years reflecting back, and realized that I must start anew and tackle those things I truly care about —  The people I care about.  The causes that are still real and important.  The relationships and commitments that make our world perhaps better.  And to recognize that I have a lot to continue to learn, especially about myself and others.

It's with this gratitude that I dedicate this website, and hope you will enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed sharing this with you.  I hope reading, hearing, and viewing the site gives you joy and connection.

May God, Allah, Buddha, fellow sisters and brothers, and the universe treat you with loving kindness and infinite opportunities for you to learn and grow.

— Hajime Moriyama