Contemporary Vietnamese Poem
The Sadness of a Rainy Night

by Huy Can (1938)


This rainy night makes me long for space.
The shivering of my heart intensifies the chill of the immense coldness...
My ears take refuge in drops of rain upon the roof;
The sky seems heavy: I seem to be sad.

I listen to the confusion in my soul
Of distant feet on a long and lonely road...
Drip, drop . . . softly, softly, drop drop . . . .

Lovesick and lost, confused in direction,
I return to my propped-up pillow of dreams and listen with indifference.

The wind returns, my heart trembles unprotected.
The breath of clouds blow slightly on all four sides of my thought.


From Wikipedia: Cù Huy Cận (May 31, 1919 – February 19, 2005) was a Vietnamese poet. He was a close friend of Xuân Diệu, another famous poet. His first collection of poems, Sacred Fire, was published in 1938.His son is Cù Huy Hà Vũ, legal scholar and dissident.

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